Golden High School Class of ’63

We'll post updates to Penny's progress as the news comes in, so stay tuned.

Penny Starbranch (White)

1404 Chaco Ave.
Grants, NM  87020

505-290-4442  (cellphone)

JUNE 12, 2015

“Penny is doing great, and is totally out of pain. She has been released by the doctor.”

     —    Susie Ziegler-Parrack

APRIL 18, 2015

“Penny had her back surgery on the 14th and was able to come home on the 16th. She feels like it was a success and her only pain now is from the surgery. When she came out of the anesthesia the sciatica pain in her leg was completely gone.”

     —    Susie Ziegler-Parrack

MARCH 24, 2015

“Penny is having surgery on April 14th. She has two discs (L4 and L5) that have deteriorated and are pressing on her nerves. The doctor says they can go in with a 2-inch incision and remove the part that is pressing on her nerves. She has been in so much sciatic pain with the bulging disc. Think of her on the 14th!”

     —    Susie Ziegler-Parrack

JANUARY 26, 2015

"On the way back from Scottsdale, we stopped to see Penny Starbranch-White. She has been having some real health issues. She was suffering with back problems: 1 bulging disc; 1 deteriorating disc; narrowing of the spine; and a cyst. In doing an MRI they found out she had 3 aneurysms — one in her stomach and one in each leg — that had to be
taken care of before the back surgeon would
touch her. She now has had the aneurysm
surgery with great success, and will see the
back doctor next week.

“Also, a couple of years ago she had a
detached retina in her left eye and, after two
surgeries, she lost the use of that eye.

“So keep her in your prayers.”

     —    Susie Ziegler-Parrack

Photo provided by
Susan Ziegler


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