Golden High School Class of ’63

This picture of Paul is the memorial card, which was projected on the large middle screen during the whole service.

After Paul's son-in-law delivered a very moving tribute to Paul, and the minister spoke of Paul's numerous attributes and accomplishments, many family photos from over the years were projected on the other two screens while some of Paul's favorite songs (mostly country) played.  Lyrics were then projected as everyone sang along to more of Paul's favorite songs to commemorate his love of singing around the campfire.

The minister spoke again, after which everyone at the well attended service was invited to share any of their memories of Paul. Several of his students, co-workers and a niece spoke about what a good, kind and caring person Paul was, how he had influenced their lives and how he would be missed.

The family greeted everyone exiting the auditorium as Paul's favorite snacks — lemonade and chocolate chip cookies — were offered.

     —   Patsy Boss (Stockton)

At right is the group attending lunch at Fox Hollow Golf Course
in memory of Paul Grull after his Memorial today.

GHS 1963 had a good support group in attendance at the Memorial. We are all feeling even a little closer as the years
go by.

Pictured left to right:  Kay Harrison, Lanette Shepard, Tim Doyle, Patsy Boss, Patti Maki-Palmer and John Johnson. In attendance but not pictured:  Chris Johnson, Ron Pomeroy, Bob Anderson, Junior Weed and Buck McPherson.

Fox Hollow, because Paul, Tim, John and Chris have been a 14-
to 15-year golfing foursome at Fox Hollow, and because Paul worked at Fox Hollow for so many years. While at lunch, we toasted to Paul several times.

     —   Kay Harrison


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