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Jim, along with Jim Yetzbacher and Rick Adams, lamented the  passing of Al Capone, on the sixteenth anniversary of his death (Jan. 25, 1947).

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JULY 21, 2015

“It is with deep sadness that I report that Jim Norton passed away on February 8. He had struggled with pulmonary fibrosis for quite a long time. He hoped he would get better, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I spoke with Mary Jean, Jim’s wife, and she said that Jim suffered a long time. She is doing as well as can be expected, but misses him so much. She said that the two of them enjoyed the reunion so much and was so pleased that the class welcomed her. She said that Jim started going downhill pretty quickly after the reunion and was on constant oxygen. Jim’s son spoke at the celebration of life ceremony, and she is going to email the transcript to me. I told her I would send her the website address so she could check out the website.”

     —   from Patti Maki-Palmer

Transcript of Jim's son's speech.


Previously published health updates:


"Since May I've been real sick with my lung disease and it doesn't look good. They have now put me on hospice but I think I'm going to last longer than they think. I can still walk a little bit but I need a walker or wheelchair, which is kind of a bummer thinking back to when I used to run around the football field. I guess you just accept what life throws your way. Not doing a whole lot on my computer but will try and keep in better contact.”

     —   from Jim Norton, sent to Sheila Murin-Capps

JANUARY 4, 2015

I spoke with Jim today, following up from Sheila's message, and can add that Jim's lung disease is pulmonary thrombosis, and has been determined by doctors to be untreatable. He's on oxygen pretty much 24/7, and is also taking some medications while healing from seven injuries suffered from falling (ribs and vertebrae). He is determined to exceed the time he's been told he has left, and is facing this with remarkable strength and fortitude.

Jim, the thoughts and prayers of all of us are with you.

     —   from Don Dennis


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