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Golden High School Class of ’63

We have a folder set up for classmates to view, download, or add photos taken at the 50th reunion, using an application called Dropbox.

Dropbox is free, and can be downloaded from the web at:

Once installed, Dropbox is just like any other folder on your computer, but with a twist. Any file you put in it will synchronize both to any other computers you may have on Dropbox, as well as to the web. Furthermore, any changes you make to any of your files will be sync'd up to all your other computers instantly, whether you're using Windows or Mac. Dropbox also makes it very easy to share and collaborate on files with others.

If you install Dropbox, you can add your photos to our folder of photos. Even if you don't install Dropbox, you can still view the photos added by others.

For a preview, click the folder (right),
and go to our current Dropbox
folder to see what's been added
by others. You can't add your photos
to the folder until you install
Dropbox on your computer (or your
smartphone or tablet).

And remember, Dropbox is really useful for storing your photos (and other files) in “the cloud” so they can be shared with others, or simply used as an off-site back-up.

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