Golden High School Class of ’63

Bill Angus

Dec 15, 1945 – July 13, 2017

The memorial service for Bill was held in the Cadet Chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs.

Attending were several of the POWs held prisoner along with Bill at the Hanoi Hilton. Their accounts of that experience were brief, but all had one thing in common — Bill's "We can do this!" spirit helped many of those held captive survive.

At the end of the service, there was a flyover ...
an honorable farewell to a true American hero.

Bill will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

Below are the service's programs and poster.

Following are comments submitted from those who knew Bill:

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Army-Navy Friends,

My good friend, Linda C., alerted me to the attached obituary in today’s Denver Post. It is a sad day, indeed, to hear of the loss of such a great friend. Bill and I played baseball on several teams in our youth and in high school. He graduated from Golden High School in the Class of 63, although his birthday was such that he probably should have been in my class of 64. After GHS, we both headed to CSU where we stayed close friends, and he continued to excel in intramural sports as a member of the ATO fraternity. After graduation, he headed with his fraternity brothers, as a group, into the Marines, where he became a Radar Intercept Officer on an A-6 Intruder. His plane was shot down over Vietnam, and he became a prisoner of war — one that was finally released at war’s end. We stayed in close touch, and a few years ago, Bill initiated a group of Army-Navy friends who meet every year to watch the Army-Navy game. It has been a fun activity with a very special group Bill was our Captain, our Commanding Officer; and he will be missed.  If any of you want to join me in heading down to the Air Force Academy for his funeral, please let me know.

So, for Bill ... “Attent, Hup!”  Hand Salute! Soar among the Heavens, Good Friend!

Blue Skies, Fair Winds, and Following Seas —

Doug Sutton


Note: Upon hearing of the passing of Bill Angus, the following was sent to Patsy Boss (Stockton), and forwarded for inclusion on Bill's memorial page:

Hi Patsy,

You likely don’t remember me from the class of ’60 at GHS.  After high school, I attended Colorado State University where I graduated with a BA degree and the gold bars of a 2nd Lt in the Air Force.  There I became a pilot flying reconnaissance fighters (RF-4C’s) out of Udorn, Thailand.  On my 92nd mission I was shot down and spent the next six years as a POW in North Vietnam.

I never met Bill Angus personally as we were held in different groups.  I did know his name and recall learning of his passing from our NAMPOW communication network.   I never  knew that he was a Golden High Demon from your class.  I wonder if there were/are other POWs from the same high school but am aware of no information to tell us.

Bill was your friend and my brother-in-arms.  May he be making low passes over Heaven like a good Marine would.

Bless the members of your class.

Gary Sigler

A demon, and a saint from the class of ’60.

From The Denver Post, July 16, 2017

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I, too, remember watching Bill come off the plane and it blew me away. I had no idea he was a POW. The night before he left for Vietnam he and I closed the bar at the Charco Broiler here in Fort Collins. he had a lot of questions about what he was getting into, but I was in artillery and couldn't answer a lot of his questions. His war was very different from the mission, return to the carrier, etc. I finally got hold of him last year and we were going to meet up on a CSU football game day, but it never happened. Makes me sad that I didn't try harder to get together with him. I guess we all think we will live forever...

Mike Gard

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I didn't realize he was captured. Our friend Gary Sigler was also on that plane. What a sad story for all who were captured and tormented.

Susan Ziegler-Parrack

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It is truly sad news. He was a bona fide hero.

Ron Pomeroy


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