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Golden High School Class of ’63

About this site

We will still be posting updated information to this site for the next few months, so please check back periodically.

How long will this site be up?

We'll keep this site open as long as the visits to it justify keeping it up.

Privacy Policy

We have elected to not include any email addresses or phone numbers, nor any personal information, on this site.

The exceptions, of course,
are those committee members mentioned on our Contact Us page.

Since January, 2013, this site was dedicated to the 50th reunion, providing information and updates to events, and links to our flickr site.

Now that the reunion has come and gone, we're using this site as an "Information Desk."  We'll continue posting the latest news, as well as offering downloads of the Reunion Book (revised edition).

We'll also be posting the most current Directory as a stand-alone file for downloading.

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