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Carpool Karaoke – Paul McCartney

A fantastic YouTube video

Patsy's trip to Japan

and visit with Minoru and Motoko Saijo

The Reunion Book “Revised Edition” is available here, along with an updated Directory.

The Reunion Book file is a PDF, viewable with Adobe Reader (as well as several other programs that can view PDFs).

A note about
viewing PDFs

Your browser may be set up to open a PDF in another browser window, to view it in the current window, or to directly download the file to your computer.

Depending on the capabilities of your browser, the file may (or may not) display correctly while in the browser, but should always display correctly once downloaded and opened on your computer or mobile device.

CAUTION:  This is a quite large file, nearly 20 MB in size. It's recommended that you view and/or download it to your desktop (or laptop) computer or tablet — not to your smartphone, unless you're connected via Wi-Fi and not a cellular network (It would eat up too much of your data plan.)

So, if you're ready, just click on the cover page image at left to see the new reunion book.

The Directory is a much smaller file. You can click on the image at left and view it regardless of whether you're at your computer or on a mobile device.

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